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The story of this team is part of a search for different people, in a world increasingly inhabited by people pasteurized “by facebook”. We are a company that takes on the role of creation and production, which implies that "we" is part of a process to be developed permanently ...

They passed through here and I believe, people will pass by always. I was condemned to the movement, to the search for a world where we can look ourselves in the eye. And The Color of the Voice is a mirror of that search.

The life movement brought me together with Ana Santos and we both dreamed of a company that could use its knowledge to bring people together through communication. I have the leadership of this team. But she has the logistics in her hands. Through Ana's hands I have the lightness to fly and imagine solutions that involve production and creation or not. But I believe that open communication between us is our asset. And I believe because my base area is speech therapy and it was from it that I took everything I do today, even if it doesn't seem like it, when people see me talking about professional communication, vocal list preparation, voice director and from then on, director of casting, of video and later, general director of a web, director of programming on an institutional TV and owner of an international portal like

The video awards came as a succession of responses to what my instinct said to innovate and hence to be among the best shorts in the world, winning a few more awards in Europe and here in Brazil was a leap - but it all came from the work of a team that has been changing, but without losing its essence.

A body with two heads: mine and Ana Santos. Me, carioca. Ana Santos comes from Barroselas, a "small land in the interior of Portugal", as she says.

We are part of THE COLOR OF THE VOICE. A company that by its name already asserts itself as someone who works with the most magical, most musical material that exists - words and communication, because people need to do it better and better personally and professionally and because the human voice creates images that count our story better than anything. But we don't just create metaphorical images born out of the voice - we create scripts, TV shows, movies, spots, voiceovers, projects, consultancies, DOCs, plays, fictions ... after all, we have to do the "creations", before of "productions" ...

Ana arrived last. And he immediately took over the planning, thought of logistics for everything and put order in the house. In addition, she is the body specialist I dreamed of and knew how to wait because she took too long to accept leaving Portugal! And as we need to work on this scenic body in theater, video, in education, sports and physical activity projects because everything is body, the body is gesture and with all this we do a perfectionist and complementary work, together - here we are.

We are now living this moment and wanting more because we create what you need, just ask.

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