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Work Areas:

We are a family owned and operated business.

We have a standard in the production company. Before complaining, write or create a way to contribute. Therefore, in a country with so many difficulties, we write many projects that we want to share and that need partners and sponsors.

For this, we are looking for fundraising partners, who want to reach new audiences, with new ways of approach, integrating through the main function of art, which is to ask questions and instigate.

Theater projects, such as "Nego Jorge" - which speaks of love - and "O Incorruptível" - at a very important moment in Brazil - are unprecedented, ready, with an alert cast and need sponsors.

"Femme, feminino, feminino" and "Lastros de amor e dor" are documentary projects that need partners, although they are already scripted and registered. And, of course, short films, one of which was awarded as one of the 6 best short films in the world, in 2006, in Spain.

But that is not all. We have public service, education, social and sports projects that are still unheard of and that need new partners.

Courses and consultancies are routines for us, who work with the voice as part of a body that needs help to keep without pains born from postural errors. Thus, our classes always have two teachers in the classroom, attentive to the group, in different modalities related to communication.

We give breathing, voice and body courses to voice professionals, namely teachers, who are massacred by the noise of the classes and need support to learn technical means of projection and care for the body and the voice;

Public speaking courses as a subject at the university and also as learning for life;

Presentation courses in the new telejournalism;

Dubbing courses.

Theater courses.

Our last puppies are the “Children's Visitation Guides to Museums”, born out of the hassle of seeing so many children visiting museums in such a dispersed way. We write a form of visitation where activities and games are the focus of attention on works, exhibitions and historical and cultural curiosities in these spaces, in Salvador. But we want to reach many museums, all museums. For now we have 5 printed guides and we share them with you.

We are a family owned and operated business.


It has to come in capital letters because he is the most beloved child of all. Bug Latino is a human communication portal where, through different vehicles, we want to encourage people to exchange ideas, to talk to each other, to tell their stories and to position themselves clearly in the face of problems. For this, we offer numerous forms of communication such as Blog, Forum, Photography, TV, which creates a rich program for all age groups and interests, with stimulating themes all the time. At least that's what we tried. Do you want to try it? Go to and browse, traffic, write, communicate!

We are a family owned and operated business.

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