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Ana Ribeiro

It has been around making content for TVs for almost a decade, when it bet on this segment. Currently with 42 works registered at Ancine, but with expanding creativity, she joined Ana Santos to create the Bug Latino Communication Portal -, with 9 works and their respective episodes on display.


Still Letra para um hino.png
Lyrics for a hymn

The very short one is divided into two complementary parts. In the first, national and international journalistic images that are widely disseminated, show the real-life wars that are shown by the media on a daily basis. Creating antagonism, a voice off, from an excerpt from Henrique V (Shakespeare) pushes the viewer to war with mastery. In the transition to the second part of the film, the lettering draws attention to the ease of motivating someone around the theme of war - this is the trigger for, through archive images showing the celebration of the Carnation Revolution, to speak of lost and increasingly pasteurized values of daily life, such as dignity, respect, self-love, faith, freedom and hope to build them every day - a peace made up of small details and small daily joys.

To all the peoples of the earth

Letter from Davi Kopenawa Yanomami to all the peoples of the Earth.

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